Monday, August 20, 2018

have puppies, need homes

In the previous update I introduced these cuties.

They'd been living in this burrow about a block away.  
Someone poisoned at least 5 dogs in the area and we worried the same would happen to their mother.

Three weeks later and they're ready to be adopted. 

They are all fat and happy.

They're nearly weaned and are eating solid food.

I think she's had enough.

No ticks or fleas.

Some are a little shaggy.

The others have short coats.

There are a few stout ones and a few little squirts.

They'll be well socialised. Perl says hi.

A few have solid colored coats, most are spotted, all are adorable.

Contact me if you can adopt.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Shaun we are missing 2 dogs over last few months from Eloydas place next to my house. The black dog u told me u liked and Cello.
    Do u know where they might be? Cindy