Thursday, October 2, 2008

life's a beach

The mosquito season is finally here. That is something that just doesn't come across in pictures. The time to begin the long dreaded RE-spayings has also come. Of six dogs operated on last year, 5 have gone into heat. Despite explicit discussions with the vet about this beforehand...he didn't remove the ovaries. The incisions were too large and the recovery time was messy, sleepless and long. A truly miserable and traumatic time was had by all.
We've found a different vet and she
recently and successfully spayed Gracie's seven girls so, we've mustered our courage and scheduled 2 re-dos for this weekend. I'm relieved and dreading it at the same time.
Lucy and Alice are going in first because we can't risk another cycle with them. They go from best friends to, well, crazy bitches. They hate the sight of each other...frothing at the mouth, crazy-eyed, hate each other.
Truman Chapotle is going in for a little trim, too. He is Gracie's only boy. He should be feeling ok by their first birthday, on the 7th.
We wish it had been done earlier but, there's nothing that can be done about that now. I'm hoping to get a post up about them before then but my external memory is not feeling well so, no pictorial updates until I can access it. Maybe Sean can work his magic on it. If not, I will be sad. Predictably, my preferred camera is fixed (again) just in time for my memory to fail. September was a bad month for hardware.

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