Thursday, October 16, 2008

wet dog season

You have to keep a good pace to keep ahead of the mosquitoes.
The dogs don't mind.
beautiful Shirley leads some young'ins:

This picture is from the end of September.ten dogs wading where the road used to be:

The 3 newbies are doing great, growing fast. Rumsfeld is handsome, but such a crybaby! He has light colored eyes so we've renamed him Reggie -after Paul Newman's character in Slapshot. Maybe it will toughen him up. The next picture is the only one of him in this post because he doesn't like to go on walks. Once the girls are healed we'll have more time to work with him.
Reggie and Tuesday pose:

Gowron and Tuesday leave their brother at home:

G and Tuesday race:

Gowron loves Miles. Little dogs have to stick together.
fording a puddle:

small in stature:

big on enthusiasm:

Tuesday prefers the company of the bigger girls.
Tue, Bette and Greta:

boundless energy:

she's a sweet, well-built pup:

They get along with everyone but they like each other best.
a pause on the way home:

ready for anything, Tuesday and Fluffy G:

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