Monday, January 12, 2009

hola mundo

The first post of the new year and the first at our new virtual address.
Terribly exciting.
Comments are now enabled.
Really, nothing too exciting going on around here...
The weather is beautiful and the dogs must be planning something big, because they've been on their best behavior.
I haven't been taking many photos but here are a few recent ones.

Chester the Molester peers over the stairs:

Not a stellar pic but Zasu looks so happy that I love it. The walks are really helping, she looks positively svelte!
Truman, Zasu (formerly Fatty Dingle) and others:

just another Sunday stroll:

I don't understand why I'm getting such large spaces from this point on...I fiddled with it and ended up stymied. In the spirit of the new year, I'm going to try something new and not worry about it. Lets just consider them dramatic pauses. Invisible koans. White zones for psychic loading and unloading. or just sloppy formatting. no worries.

I still find it funny that so many of our dogs like hammocks. None more than Bette.
Some days she spends the whole morning napping alone but she is always willing to share.
Bette and Maldi (Reggie underneath):

Bette, Blue and Henry:

The smallest and most athletic of Gracie's pups, Blue is pure enthusiasm.
Blue sails over PuppyG:


  1. Nice to know there are more "IDIOTS" like me out there who live surrounded everyday by so many furry creatures! ~dave

  2. Yes, living surrounded by loyal, fun, friendly, ferocious creatures that are happy to have a home is obviously dumb. I mean... where's the drama? The back-stabbing? The mean-spiritedness? What kind of TV show is this anyway? It'll never make it through sweeps...