Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Aging of Aquarius

More of the same. Dogs in hammocks, dogs on stairs, dogs being cute...life is good.
Happy birthdays to us.

Bette and Shirley:


Puppies are all grown up:


Handsome Reggie is a mellow guy:


Archie, Ernie and Oscar rehearse a number for the talent show:

brothers Oscar and Otto have a go (doesn't Otto look ferocious? ha!):

round 2, Oscar is looking buff!:

the girls get in on the fun, Tuesday and Bette:

enough of the ruffians, here's angelic Frijolita:

one of our less photographed dogs, but she's a cutie:

Sisters Posey, Eve and Frijolita with George:

Eve and Posey:

Rita is a calendar girl:


Tuesday is all legs

Godzilla loves a windy night:

Shirley loves a sunny day:

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