Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Greta is our darling, unlikely, German Shepherd/T-rex mix. She is, to be blunt, an odd looking dog. I scooped her off the street when she was a few months old, because I couldn't bear to see her be run over. She had a bad habit of wandering the street, oblivious to traffic. She was skittish and catching her took some doing.
Once we got her home we found out that she was oblivious to a lot of things. For days all she wanted to do was sit alone in a room and stare at the wall. Eventually, over the next month, she gradually started to interact and act like a dog. She is still ...quirky, also a ton of fun. Silly, affectionate and prone to bursts of unfocused energy. She loves to chase the ball and lie on her belly in the mud. Who doesn't?
Evidently, she is also prone to weight gain. A paw injury kept her from walks and she quickly packed on the kilos. She is recovered and is now part of Zasu's 'walk your way thin' fitness program.

young Greta and Tuesday:

smiling face:

a girl of unfortunate proportions. at least her fur is finally growing in:

a singular beauty:

poetry (at least a dirty limerick) in motion:

weebles wobble:

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