Monday, July 20, 2009

happy as a dog in mud

Some of the pictures are a little gloomy because it's been overcast;
rainy season is here.
At the end of June, Maldi started coming along on walks.
Such an odd cat.
Tito follows Maldi:

Maldi and Tito on the trail:

from Maldi's first walk:

July has brought rainbows and puddles.
double rainbow over our house:


dogs play under a rainbow:

everybody (except Miles & me) plays in the first mud puddle of the walk:

Puppy G and Maggie share an enthusiasm for mud:

Tuesday and Maggie.
happy, filthy little beasts:

Maggie at her most satisfied:

April is less of a fan of the mud.
striking a pose:


she still manages to get good and wet:

everybody's favorite puddle:

puddle part II:

Tito is doing great! His skin is healthy, his coat is shiny
and he's put on some muscle.
He has a big voice, too.
He doesn't care much for the mud, but he's a fan of walks.
Tito in the lead:


Lots of walks, but lots of time spent relaxing.
Ginger, Chester and Lucy at home:


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