Sunday, May 29, 2011

May days (& March too)

Days are hot and the water is clear.
Mornings are great for swimming. Puppy G loves it!

Afternoons are made for relaxing.
Miles and Stella lounge on the porch.

Evenings are still cool enough for walks.
Tito on the move!

The pups are getting big -they'll have to be spayed soon.
Twiggy strikes a pose.

Helpxer Ilana will soon be leaving us.
An eerie shot at dusk.


Siblings Jack and Lily are beautiful and shy ...but not camera shy.

 Better late than never, I want to thank Ashley for coming. I don't know how I didn't get your picture...but I'm glad your sister did. Cheers Ash! Come again!

The rest of these shots are from March and were taken by Emily or Ashley.
Miles keeps watch.

Three sisters.

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Wee Xmul!

Xmul, Daisy and Mo.

Emily and Oscar

Ashley and Tito

Emily and Henry

Silly Archie making his favorite funny face.

Greta and Zasu


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