Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Viva la lavadora!

The long overdue death of our washing machine means that resources are strained & surgeries have had to be postponed (an ear surgery, 4 boys to be neutered and then Twiggy's hip). On the plus side, that means no dogs recuperating and we have a fantastic new washer!

Buddy, as you may know, has brain damage from encephalitis. Long story short, over the last 9-10 months he's been making steady progress -with two mild setbacks. Eventually he was able to go on short walks, provided he was on a taut leash for guidance and had a girl dog to follow. Last week he went for a walk off of the leash -he was even running!

Since then he's gone on walks most mornings.
He only has to turn in a circle once in a while.

He's coming, he's just mid-circle. 
Henry, Linda, Buddy and Tito.

Small dogs under a big sky, Henry, Buddy and Miles.

 Bosha, Buddy and Tito.


I'm so strict that I make them walk grouped according to appearance (yeah, sure).  Miles is bringing up the rear, as usual (he's a dawdler).
Henry, Linda, Bean, Zasu and Miles.

Gracie's pups usually go on runs, but I've missed going out with them
so I've been taking them on walks too.

Little Bean.

Me and Posey.

Eve (with Miles dawdling behind).

Eve and Zasu.

The last couple of weeks have been mercifully uneventful, early morning walks and scorching afternoons. May is my favorite month here; the water is Cancun-blue and full of fish.
Xmul and Diva sunbathe surrounded by remnants of a palm frond.

Diva makes herself comfortable.

Xmul and Linda regard each other.

Diva thinks we need a pool, but the water dish will do.

Sean puts up an awning and the dogs enjoy a new patch of shade.

Mega, Reggie and Zoot approve!

Everybody approves!
l-r Lex, Mega, Daisy and Xmul

Our brindled girls Stella and Lily.

Stella naps.

Evenings are for fun.
A Shirley series:


  1. I have the best idea.. a coffee table book of your awesome, awesome pup photos! I'm totally serious.

    1. Do they still print books? Maybe we should aim for a reality show? Nah, kidding.
      We may do something like that or a calendar. We'll see. Always so many other things to do!

  2. Hi Roni! love your pictures, as always... I know how hard it is to turn anyone away, but we can all only do what we can do. You guys are doing an amazing job over there -- you're my hero!

    I just started 2 things that made me think of you -- are you on Facebook at all? there's a closed group (about 100 of us) now, called 'The Veg Life,' which is basically all the nice folk (well, a couple stragglers, but mostly just the nice folk!) from VegWeb-- plus, it's MY damn group, so if anyone gets snotty they're OUT. :) If you'd like an 'add,' I would be delighted to see you there!

    Also... drumroll!!!... my sis & I just incorporated a small animal rescue nonprofit called Faunahope, Inc. ... it's been in the pipeline for a while, and we finally made the plunge. Your lovely Celestun Dog-Blog was one of our very first 'community' links! ... 'cause I so admire what you do.

    Hope all is well with you & yours! Take care! :)

    Tanya/ HCM/ Yana Tengalas (on FB) ;-)