Friday, May 17, 2013

Thank you Sir, May I have another?

For some reason black dogs are the least likely to be adopted.  I don't know why.  
We have many black dogs and I think every one of them is striking.
Jack pauses with some of the gang.  He has a  beautiful coat.

Lovely Luna is 2 years old.

Posey is 5 and, I think, one of our prettiest dogs. 


Her ears don't usually stand up.
Walking with Tito and Miles.

Tito knows that black dogs are the best.
Self-doubt is not his style.

He often pals around with Reggie on walks.
I don't think Tito notices the size difference.

A few of our palm trees succumbed to a blight so we're trying again with something else.
Sean has plenty of supervision. Pete, Zoot and Posey in front.

Frankie has been a happy girl; she loves having visitors.
The Couchsurfers/Helpxers that brought Tori stayed on for a couple weeks.

Kaya gets to know the gang.

Linda watches the ever helpful Kaya fix one of the dog beds.

Tori wants to help.

Twiggy and Tori keep an eye on things while Kaya and Olli paint. 
Oliver has been traveling frugally for years.

Olli and Tori.

Dog fun.  Jack, Hazel, Amber, Tori, Daisy and Mega

Bette, Lucy and Tori on a walk.  There isn't a dog here that doesn't like Tori (her new nickname is Cookie Monster.). She learns quickly and wants to please; it breaks my heart that people thought she was too much trouble.  She's one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met!

Bette and Tori on a salt pile.  After a rain they're as hard as coal.

Oliver and Kaya say their goodbyes (Paco, in the background, crows his goodbye).

Thanks so much to you both, for saving Tori, and for all your help around the place!
You're always welcome here. 

Linda doesn't understand why everyone can't stay forever.

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