Friday, May 3, 2013

Tori's story

This sweet girl is Tori! She found her way to us through the outstanding efforts of two Couchsurfers.  She was one of 3 dogs owned by a family in Tuxtla; no longer a tiny puppy, she was deemed too energetic and was banished to the roof. She lived there alone for months, constantly barking, with little shade or food and only drips of water from a tap.

On the roof in Tuxtla. She doesn't understand why she can't play like the other dogs.

Couchsurfers Oliver and Kaya met her, and each other, while staying with the family and grew determined to liberate her. They convinced the family to relinquish her and hitchhiked 500 miles, over the course of 6 days, to bring her to us!
Tori relaxing in the casita after her epic journey.

Since meeting her I can understand why they were so moved to help her. She is a great dog and is overjoyed to have people pay attention to her!

All the dogs like her. She's having fun making friends

and playing with toys

and swimming.  She's a Lab -of course she loves the water!

She's friendly, energetic, nearly a year old, negative for heart worm, and has just been spayed.

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